Friday, September 25, 2009

Sexy LAVA Cover

LAVA.. New Boy band of Architecture in their cute cover...
Talking about names of design offices...while i LAV the word LAVA and their banner (with their boy band like poses) in their website... can we get over the use of acronyms for design offices?... it is so last decade...
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Minus Will Alsop's Willie

The new parasols (above and below) for MASDAR City Centre was designed by LAVA (Laboratory of Visionary Architecture)

...Isn't it reminiscent of Alsop's mushrooms (below) in Singapore?...
Underneath (below), those parasols are Will Alsop's upright schlongs. They splurt mists to cool down the Clark Quay Mall in Singapore
Up close...alsop's 7 eyed monster.

via Dezeen
; amorphity of Flickr