Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Breadedescalope's Grow to go Flowershop

Environment related concepts and designs are Design Dummy's favorites. So we will be nice...
Breadedescalope's Grow to go have given a new identity to flower shops.
Currently being presented at the Vienna Design Week 2009, "Grow to Go" reinvents the flower shop concept based on consumer behaviour and idea of convenience. Imagine buying seedlings would be like buying cheeseburger from McDonalds.

Not sure if these are soil or fertilizers being scooped like ice cream. If the latter, scooping would never be funkier.

Nature goes commercial...goodies on display

Surely, Greenpeace and vegetarians will feast.

via Designboom

Yu-Hun Kim's Tray

If you find eating wasting your reading time to be more intelligent than others, then you've got to get this tray...

... designed by Yu-Hun Kim.

It is cool, but wont the food be just nuissance in your reading? Is this designed for just cookies?

Honestly, I don't need this. Cookie crumbs can be book markers.

via Designboom

Dummy Shoe Collection 2009

Move over Prada..go stomp your feet with one of these stilletos... Zoe Heels (above) by Christian Werner...weighs 300 lbs each

Origami Shoes by Catherine Meute ...they also have origami panties

Hair Shoes...Eeuw
Nail Shoes...good for lifting weights

Soleless Shoes London design duo Maki Aminaka (Löfvander) and Marcus Wilmont (Aminaka Wilmont)..... straps they call shoe

Hoof Shoes by Iris Schieferstein ... Shrek killed donkey
Wireframe heels by Polly Verity... comes with wireframe panties

High Chair Shoes

High Heel Sneakers

Metal Shoes
Glass Shoes Martin Margiela
Toeless Shoes by Annejet Kosters ... you can do this with any shoes..How can we ever forget Julian Jakes shoes?