Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eastern Design Office's Rest in Peace House

At noontime, this house in Japan looks creepy.

Imagine flowers and candles.

This house was designed by Eastern Design Office and they call it Slit House. The natural light the slits cast, change the quality of the space. The purity of the spaces is phenomenal, but the experience.... eerie.
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Zaha Hadid wins USD165,000

Another Wee for Z

2009 Praemium Imperiale Laureate for Architecture awardee is none other than, Zaha Hadid. She will go to Japan in October to get her money (and award). Together with other laureates they will get to meet Prince Hitachi, younger brother of the present Emperor of Japan... Is she going to wear that Issey Miyake dress again?

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Mojito Shoes Sensation

Mojito Shoes designed by Julian Hakes. "somewhere, dog poop eagerly awaits…"
Top View

I must admit that I find the Mojito shoes more interesting than the boots (below) Zaha H. designed for Lacoste. It looks confused.

Loved the comment in dezeen:

says:"Nice roman sandal ,would look good on Russel Crowe"

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