Thursday, February 25, 2010

Calatrava's Manolo Blahnik

We have seen Zaha design her shoes...which turn our to look very her...not ursula-ish....curves and all that. With this blog entry, the architect's works become the inspiration. In Dezeen, Tea Petrovic's Shoes pay homage to Calatrava and a sculptor named, Naum Gabo. I am not so familiar with the sculptor, but with Santhiagoh....we go waaayyyy back...UH HUH... way back... way back when the only architects you knew was Frank, Louis and Mies... then all of a sudden Santiago's bridge make a pristine and white but dynamic...So I said... Eero Saarinen is so last decade (snap snap on air) ... Don't get me wrong, I love Eero.... in a vintage kind of way. Santiago has really defined himself in the world of architecture geeks...whose designs are becoming a source of aesthetic. Now I wonder, if Tea is alluding her design aesthetic to other artists/ curious what her own design voice is. Still, even if I am not a shoe lover, the first time I saw these Petrovic's shoes, I remember myself seeing Caltrava's bridge for the first time. It was like the orgasm that Carrie Bradshaw was having over a pair of Manolos. Purely magical.