Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tonsils inspired Restaurant

Koichi Takada Architects designed this Restaurant inspired by a cave! (post in ArchDaily)... Cave?........more like a buccal cavity... i can smell onion, tooth decay and serious case of halitosis. This cute space has a nice material though....which is wood....which is also flammable....i cant imagine grilling pork in this space...or we will be setting the entire space on fire..which is hot...tsssss.... only clean food i guess...the cavernous space reminds you of being inside moby dick's tummy...The interior struture is something ribs .... so we go back to porksteak..and beefstew....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Warts on Daniel Libeskind

If architecture has Zaha Hadid as its superstar, landscape architecture has Martha Schwartz. Like I always say to the authors of the designs I make fun of, I am a fan of that designer (really!). I have known Warts since I was in college, which was...omg... two years ago? (haha)... When you say landscape architecture, you expect plants in their "cosmeticated" bests.. So Martha Steward said...if you are going to alter nature's natural form..why limit yourself? she's gone more than horticulture (no idea what my basis is for this statement).... I particulary love the donuts and the circular holes once Marthy designed...but it's been a long time ago since I saw it....and to my surprise...she is still kickin and alive....take this Dublin's Grand Canal Square posted in Contemporists. One comment said that they look like Starwars' light sabers sticking out from the ground. I say, Marthwarts was designing this while she was having an accupuncture. it is abstract, so it can be anything honessslee. Apparently, the square is beside Daniel Libeskind's it makes sense...accupuncture helps in eliminating all the toxins from Danny's shards.

Monday, April 5, 2010

eCOKE friendly bottles

Joining the trend to counter the effects of global warning is this design of eco coke bottle by andrew kim (posted in designboom a week ago). According to Andrew, it saves it is eco friendly. All along i thought that the lower portion of the bottle is made of it is.... bioincredible ......or bioregretable.... or something that will dissolve quikie...IT's NOT. it just saves's quite disappointing. Allllthough.. i love the look. it really competes against the new branding and label design of petsee gola. When looks so orderly. The second image above shows the coolness of these bottles when placed side by side. From left, you have...far..fart cola, then the coca, prit, coca ciet, and S water.

Come to think of it, it will be weird to drink something with a fizz from a tetra pack. Try replacing your milk in that tetra pack with coke...and see what the experience is like...weird right? (Image below) Another cool thing about this new design, again when displayed, is when you put them on top of each other... they all bolt in they are screwing each other.

Riddle: A long and hard object on a wet surface

You have to be smart to know the answer to that riddle. Unless you looked at the picture already...then that's cheating!

I love this bridge! It is a gentle but sharp sweep of blade-like footbridge on top of this River in Maribor. Designed by Arhitektura doo all of you (Footbridge in Maribor by Arhitektura d.o.o posted in ArchDaily. ) you wonder how this bridge will support itself. Do we have the technology already to make this bridge erect this way? Do we viagra on concrete mixtures already?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fur Ball at Shanghai Expo 2010

I love fur balls. this fur ball looking building is the UK pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 designed by Thomas Heatherwick (post in Dezeen). It is called seed cathedral. Don't be deceived by its soft appearance cus it's nothin cuddly. It's more like...a sea urchin or an ant eater. However, those spines won't hurt you because they are made of fibre optic rods. The design is made to draw in light to the interior at daytime and ...render a halo like glow at night through it's fiber optic filaments...ohhh...can't wait to see it finished. Anyway, again it will not hurt...unless I push you to it.