Thursday, October 1, 2009

KOZ's Sports can go gay

What we mean by gay is happy and colourful. When you say sports center, you imagine shiny floor and boring gym facades. Not this one dude...

The sports and leisure center is located in a row of quiet small houses in Saint Cloud, France. This oddity is causing a stir that leaves an imprint to the neighborhood. It is like Goliath with overdone make-up is trying to cuddle with little Davids.

It is like a huge toy where kids are drawn to. Minus the color coding crap which kids won't bother analyzing, it is the subconscious effect of distinguishing spaces through color that makes this building, psychotic.

Red is where you see the timid onlookers watch the players. The color is probably meant to make the sedentary, encourage to burn some calories. It could also be that red is about movement and blood.
The eye-catching building in the hood... Koz Architectes used tinted glasses to put happiness in the building.
It would have been nicer if the color of those fences matched the palette. It looks like a toy part that doesn't belong there.
Yellow is the color of the sun. duh.

This is where (above picture) kids are supposed to be hyper because the space is in red alert.

Indoor room in red alert.
Transition between walking and running...I thhhink.
Wall climbing with over-sized boogers. Feel free to add yours.

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The comeback of Marc Newson's FORD 021C

Vintage is so hot. Although it was only ten years ago when Marc Newson was the object of scrutiny over this Ford 021C...
...candy colored car that is getting some looooove from design junkies all over the world, including yours truly. In 1999, this car was scorned by car geeks who said "it looks like a toy, it's too boxy and so anti-design."

Anti-design your hybrid faces! because after Ford 021c went to oblivion, it is making a sweet comeback and Austin Powers will surely love to shag in it.

Designed with spacious interiors, seats from B&B Italia, drawer like compartment, movable dashboard, and so many "Newsonized" elements, what else can you ask for a well-pimped car?

Powered by 6 litre Ford Zetec-SE engine. It also comes in apple green. From


This is the car of design geekish awesomeness that I hope comes out in baby blue!

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RMJM adopts Will Alsop

‘If you are not in the little black book, you don’t get anything. It has led to using dull architects and dull architecture’ - Will Alsop

During summer, news on Alsop quitting his architecture office surfaced. The alibi was for him to paint 24/7, no sleep (in short, to concentrate) without being bothered about specs, cost estimates and donut breaks. But rumors spread that Will can no longer afford his bills. This financial difficulty led to the selling of his firm to Archial. In a recent story of AJ (Architect's Journal), he mentioned that scarcity of public projects also contributed to his decision to quit his firm. He does not get listed in the invited architects' list to compete for a commission anymore. This led to his disillusionment. With the exit from Archial, RMJM comes to the rescue where he hopes his color splats will mask the glossy and cold grey palette of architecture. His involvement with RMJM will be entitled, "Will Alsop at RMJM." Can't wait for the drama and events that will unfold in the fusion of artistry and well, RMJM.

Poor Will... no longer in the "In" crowd. Wonder if Zaha, Remie, HDM still invite him to their parties. London Olympics did not even ask him to at least doodle on something.
Shame on them!

Sharp Centre for Design in Toronto, Canada, designed by Willie.

image by Alsop Architects

Tallest Building in Europe

If London has a Gurkin with its Swiss-Re Building, St.Petersburg will have a deformed Starfruit ... Construction will finally begin for the 77 storey tower, expected to be the highest skyscraper in Europe. Called the Gasprom Tower, it will house the headquarters of Gasprom Oil Company with the usual extra amenities (ie. hotel, theatre etc.) to fill up a humongous development.

The design was won by RMJM ocompeting against kick-ass architectural stars such as HDM, OMA, and Fuksas.

The tower will be eco-conscious (it's about time!) with natural ventilation permeating through the atriums positioned between inner and outer walls. The building will also utilize double glass walls and specialized water heating and ventilation systems -- feature technical terms meant to impress you...

The building will pierce through the sprawling grandeur of St.Petersburg. Many have reacted over the erection of this huge and long building in the historic city. Gasprom will definitely reach its climax...

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