Thursday, October 8, 2009

Graft Lab's Towers in Dubai will embrace the sun

Yes. Those are Solar Panels...

At first glance, Graft Lab’s dazzling complex in Dubai may appear to have a cluster of sparkling geometric pools at its base. But upon further inspection, the web-like structures are actually something even more desirable than a place to take a dip in the hot desert – a means of collecting the scorching rays of the sun and transforming them into energy. Dubbed the Vertical Village, this multi-use building and accompanying massive array of solar collectors was designed to work smarter, not harder, which is expected to earn it a LEED Gold certification when it is completed..... via Inhabitat

I have always been a fan of GrabLove...especially when Brad Pitt worked with them and came up with pink houses for Katrina. LOL...

This project reminds me of a complex of skyscrapers proposed by Asymptote for Malaysia. There is some semblance:

Well the language will always be the same, from Zaha, Meyer, Berkel, Asymptote etc...It is all about this form now.
Fluid, strange, cold but definitely sexy. (wink)

Tripod vase by Julien Bergignat

A little something for all the ladies around here. Follow the jump and let the designer, Julien Bergignat, explain his magic. “This is a concept of vase, which the shape and the main usage are based on the action of offering a present. Its legs, looking like lily of the valley leafs, are folded up towards the vase during the transport and the sale steps.”

“The deployment of feets is automatically made by the memory of the injected plastic to obtain a freestanding small-sized vase.”
I actually love the design of this, except when the legs are spread wide is not very lady like LOL.. when the vase is demure, it is elegant. Can it work as an ice cream cone too?


via Minimalismi

Glowing Swing by Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto

Called Swing Lamp designed by Boaz Cohen and Syaka Yamamoto. This piece intends to bring back childhood memories back to home. Aside from the creepy photo above, what is it really? A swing or a lamp?....
Yes, it can be both but it seems that the design is confusing. Why would one ride the swing in this dark environment? Is it just this bad presentation that doesn't do justice on the product.Although it is made of LED, the level of comfort to sit on a light fixture is still low. It looks fragile and hazardous.One thing is for sure. It can make your BUTT GLOW.

Jaime's Hotdog

I know what you are thinking. If you want to see more schlongs feel free to -

Imagine Pamela Anderson riding this thing..... You imagine real men rocking this toy?

Hotdog Rocker by Jaime Hayon
via Designboom