Friday, October 2, 2009

Rio 2016 Buildings....Yawn

Rio de Janeiro won the bid for the 2016 Olympics. Woohoo! You will think of Mardi Gras, sexy women dancing on the streets, hot Brazilians...all these things perking up the idea of sports being held in the country where they made Giselle makes you horny.. Then you view the Olympic buildings in the Rio 2016 Website... the erection goes away...

The renderings look like a college project. There is no pizaaz.

The existing Rio de Janeiro cityscape is more interesting.



A scene from Sims 2

Another Sims 2 scene

Another Sims 2 scene part 2

Sure, so many things are more important than the design of the olympic complex. This may be just architecture, but it represents the bid's vision. It may still be too early and designs can still be developed. However, renderings are made to make first impressions last. Yawn