Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mini me's potato chips

Let's shift our attention from the London O12 to Q in the mid east. This is Jean Nouvel's proposal for the National Museum in Qatar (post in ArchDaily). According to Jean "mini me" Nouvel, his design can likened to a bladelike petal of the desert i hear Sting singin? It will be the first thing you will see once you arrive at the airport of Qatar. I must admit that it is a fresh take in architecture (although im not sure)... I like the interlocking of the discs....they look like mutant clamshells. From afar, i am sure that light will give this structure a dramatic effect. You can associate so many things to jean nouvel's dishwasher. I would also suggest two or three circular ponds, in it are different water features....mustard, ketchup, and mayo..dips for your pringles....once you pop you can't stop.

Zaha's O Oh Aquatics Centre

oooohhkay..another London Olympic vuilding. This one by my favorite gahl...Zaha Hadeed. Well..everybody knows that it's actually her minions who are now doin the designs....while she poses with her fav miyake ensemble like a supermogul ..and prolly Ms.Z just checks if the design really appears something that was inseminated in her....this aquatics center however, looks like a mongoloid amongst Zaha's creations. It misses a chromosome of the xx or xy suddenly became xyz? My Q is ..Y the hell Z? Y did you allow this is so not you. How can a fat but yes, somehow curvey form suddenly have a cardboard looking flaps. It looks like a leech just crushed a is a big Q. M sure therell be more from U...U R still my Z. just dont make us say O again.

The fugly sister of Eiffel Towel

London and Paris are such good Euro sisters. Paris has a popular se* toy....none other than her Eiffel dildo. For some strange reason, London was so jealous, now it is creating its own for the Olympics in 2012, called Arcellow Mittal Orbit, designed by Anish Kapoor (Dezeen post). Although not as big as the Eiffel tootsie roll... the knotting and the crazy curves surely can stimulate the senses. Thanks to Arup, London had never been this kinkeeee.