Monday, May 10, 2010

Reincarnation of the World Trade Center

I don't want to start with the World Trade Center's development which became a rebuilding to forget 911. The towers look like they can be built anywhere. The memorial was quite ok,since it was like that the footprint was the scar of the destroyed twinnies. But again, you have to be imaginative to imagine the towers. Looking at this current cityscape (albeit just a rendering) makes you cringe because this side of New York became less iconic in terms of cityscape recall.

Now, maybe, there is hope with the Edgar Street Towers by IwamotoScott posted in Dezeen. Isolated from the commoners (Current World Trade Center Tower proposals), that tower on the right side has more umphh and scrotum to be a pompous ass, which is needed for New York to say that it is strong and resilient than just safe. Click on image and the Dezeen link to see more renderings of the interiors which has all the curves, tension and stretches of digital architecture. Don't you think the ground floor resembles World-Trade Center's Ground level? Only this time it is sexy. It is very hard to think that this doesn't have any allusions to the deceased twin towers. IwamotoScotts' is a morphed version if we are to think that late WTC towers are the hard-on version....too hard it was stiff, this version seems that the dickwands finally engage each other..which is gay.... Anycow, this proposal is a far cry from the stupid and misfits of the World trade Center proposal (first image, the group of buildings on the right). It is good that Edgars Street Towers are staying away from the losers....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Attack of the Moles

Ok beauty is in the I of the hottie looker... but man...this is just plain ugly to me. The idea is catching energy from sun and camera flashes through those red dots. But the overall not speaking to me....I wonder if the placement of the cells were strategically located..if not...they could have made it more dense... this net looking veil looks like it is infested by annoying areolas (your tits minus the nips) ... What if there was a pointillist kind of effect on the veil by gradually decreasing the density of warts as it crawls down the net...
Sorta reminding you of this vintage hat. But this hat def looks better than that pavilion...Oh yeah, I forgot....Swiss Pavilion at Shanghai Expo, Designed by Buchner Brundler Posted in Dezeen
As the moles attack...I can hear plok, plok plok plok plok plok plok