Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rug doll

Anyways, I ran across this post...and I thought it looks so comfy. They have different variations of this called M-Series by Yellow Diva posted at Contemportist blaaag. While the buttons add a lil somethin to somethin.. (like putting scent on your resume) ..i cant help be reminded of rug dolls. i think they belong in the same family.
Emotion dolls by Kimochi

SADAR+VUGA Centipede Tower

It is not eeezzeee to design a skycrapuh. I should know..... I haven't done any. When I saw this tower at ArchDaily called Magnolia Tower by SADAR + VUGA I was like.....nothing...then I farted. This post should be part of Swollen series because of the bump on the mid part of the tower. If you look at the plans at ArchDaily, it wasnt really a bump. The rendering might...just might be suggesting that the feathery skin of the tower is just moving, blown by air. Details of the sun shading devices look interesting (image below) . From afar, they look like fingerlings but up close, they are like feathers with girly perforations..so elegant..and so gay.

It is good to note that designer in Dubai are becoming climate sensitive with their proposals. Dubai is so freakin hot. Your undies soak in your groin-region sweat, good thing I shower that area of mine with expensive cologne.... Going back to this Sadar -Vooooga designed tower, the fins really look like feathers of a skirt. It looks refreshing. You feel like wearing it and your in betweens are well ventilated.