Sunday, September 27, 2009

Johnston Marklee and Diego Arraigaida Arq's Beautiful Bunker

This enormous rock is called View House...

Obviously the idea is about views, it is actually clever that it wasn't about huge windows.

"The rotational strategy for the apertures results from the framing of desirable landscape features, the anticipation of neighboring developments and the choreography of internal circulation" says the architect.

Ooohhh choreography....

Situated in a suburban neighborhood in Argentina, the house was designed by Johnston Marklee and Diego Arraigada Arquitecto.

Makes you wonder who had the most influence on the design direction, Johnnyboy or the Latino?

The rooftop is sweet but not safe for children.

Seen it.

Seen it.


the split is neat

Surely, they placed the kid for photographic reasons.

Images by Leonardo Finotti
via Dezeen


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