Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lego Gaga gone

This can be my profile photo. It fits this site very much. The guy above is toy fanatic, James May who will now give 3.3 Million pieces of lego bricks to charity...

...after the demolition of his life-size lego house in Surrey. It was built one month ago, the owner thought somebody would show interest in buying this project.

Albeit its inspiring feats, nobody did.

Legoland planned to move it to their theme park, but the transportation cost was too pricey.

It was questioned for its environmental unfriendliness. It was said that the pieces of legos were donated by different individuals, so there was recycling. But now that it is being dismantled...

It can be recycled again properly by toyless children, as toys not as house bricks.

Come to think of it, why would one live in it? there are no windows?

It is just a colorful boring modernist box, how can kids like it?...And they don't have money.


via Telegraph and Dailymail


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