Thursday, October 15, 2009

When something weird goes right

The new Boscolo Exedra Hotel in Milan was designed by Italy Rota. According to him, his concept is to make the hotel the center of the city. He envisioned the hotel to be very open so it can become the center of communication in Milan. This explains the hodgepodge of top-of-the-line Milanese designer furnishings, technology and materials.....indeed where Milan's richness of ideas and designs converge....Hence the Whoa(s)!? WTH(F)!? and sometimes the EUW(s)!? ...One moment you are in a cinema lobby with all those twinkling lights on the ceiling, and all of a sudden you are in a Willy Wonka candy factory, SUNNY VERSION.It doesn't end there. Amenities have different personalities ranging from the sophisticated to the outrageously ridiculous.....But somehow, all of these craziness feel right....
Christmas is around the cornah.
Jean Nouvel meets Spongebob (Above Photo)
Zaha's hole with Alsop in the background.
Finally, a normal room for the normal world
More decor, you have a christmas tree.
It is a peak where Italo's swimmers reach for the egg.
The window lacks a cutout cinderalla figure.
(Above photo) This is the ovary chamber. Look... SOMEBODY JUST PAID A VISIT!

A toilet? Bubbles and water closet as wine bowl.

All photos by J├╝rgen Eheim
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BOSCOLO Exedra Hotel in Milan
The ultimate city of fashion, art, architecture and design welcomes Boscolo Exedra Milano. Located in a building ....


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