Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Big Pile of Ohwws?

Here is what the architects say: “On both, the front and the lake side, this sculptural villa shows very expressive and ornamental facades. Facing Mount Pilatus the white concrete elements are dotted with circular openings that allow glimpses into the two-levelled orangery with ist exotic plants, as well as the lounge, the guest tract and the staircase accessed through one of the openings at the ground floor.” (via Dailytonic)


O House. This house can be a giant perforated steel mesh that they played around with. They love holes and can't get over it so they play more. They love playing. Because they love orgasm. Orgasm starts with O. Hence Ohh in the O House. What's the relevance of what I said. Nothing. Just a big pile of O.

Living Light Sculpture Maps Seoul’s Air Quality

Seoul, South Korea is filled with blinding light-up displays and headache-inducing neon screens. But residents of the city who want to see these displays put to good use need only take a trip to the World Cup Stadium’s Peace Park, which is where this beautiful Living Light sculpture blooms.... (via Inhabitat)


I wonder if the headache-inducing neon screens was intentional. That is soooooo sadistic....i love it....Anyway I remember a girl in the movie "Mean Girls" who discovered her ability to predict weather using her tits. Her tit twits weather. This one is one level more genius. It gives you up to date report of local air quality through this cloud of polluted imagery.

Red Diamond / Chiasmus Partners

Located in the historic DongCheng district of Beijing, the project calls for a conversion of old factory complex into a dance center with a performance hall, a practice hall and a saloon... (via ArchDaily)


The only thing that makes this building exciting is its color.....(I know what you are thinking)... Elegance in understatement.... that elegance is still making me yawn. that door may be historical but still yucky...it is like a mismatched door in Sims. i know i know.. juxta shit....like randy Jackson would always say...It still not working for me. Up close though, there is some detail which compensates for it's vallum like effect.

Gentlemen, start your engines

At the time Engelbert Frauscher was ready to open his first shipyard at the old Danube in Vienna, the United States were already celebrating the heydays of boat racing.
And it was during the winter of 1921-22 that the rules governing the Gold Cup Races were dramatically changed by the American Power Boat Association....


Bond will look suave in this new ride. If rainbow bright has a unicorn, James Bond has a cockcrotch inspired speedboat.


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