Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ferrari excitement deflates

This was the rendering of the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, planned to be the largest indoor theme park in the world. It will feature 20 rides and attractions including the world's fastest roller coaster...124 mph...woot woot! It will have a humongous Ferrari logo, 215 feet in diameter, the largest in the world. And the design? Inspired by the classic Ferrari GT's double curve side profile.

I have always been unsure of the Blob movement. Does this even fall under blob?Maybe it does, in the deflated excitement category. The rendering is not far from it's almost completed stage....
A red fabric....a deflated parachute or a limp starfish trying to survive in the desert?
This building resembles an HQ in a Robot Anime series.I want to raise a point since the WORLD, and The Palm at Jumeirah Dubai were built. Why build something so huge, when it is inaccessible to the human experience? I am not referring to Dubai or those oil rich countries as playgrounds of the rich and who can afford. Not even they can appreciate these developments unless they are in a chopper or in space. When you visit this place, it is not the fluid red thingy statement you will experience, but the underbelly of this over sized red tent.

It would have made sense if people can slide on its surface. Like a starfish, those tentacles curve inward so we slide down toward the center where we get eaten.

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