Friday, February 19, 2010

Cinderella goes to Vegas

Another post by Dezeen several days ago was Cinderella's Chair by Anna Ter Haar

Isn't this more, an art than design? Why!? I looooooveee nude painting!....
However, the chair looks mutilated. They had to use a nekkid woman to titillate interest... worked. More than glass slippers, I imagined Cindy as a pornstar giving Mr.Hook a lap dance.... The chair is amputated with a support that is fragile. One thinks if this chair is even functional. Yup, it may be an art piece.... Come to think of it, if this chair is placed along with it's kind (The post in Dezeen shows a lot of variations in size, shape and color) they will all look like junk. Hmmm... that sounds mean, but i meant installation kind of junk... with the nude girl.
The chair is also discriminating. Let's face it, if you are over 190 lbs you will not be allowed to sit on this chair. One comment even said that,once it breaks, glass shards can cut people. I remember a lawsuit filed against a fastfood chain for not putting "Caution: very Hot" on their coffee cup. Anna Haar should put "Caution for FATsos"


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