Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kokkugia's S/craps

Parametrick design is the IN thing today. If you don't know how to use advanced digital don't belong to the Kewl group. But no worries...cuz the only cool thing about 'em are the forms....the peeps behind it...are actually geekozoids. You hafta learn Maya, Rhino and other animals in the 3d modelling world to be able to sport a hot fashionable architechuh. Before you know it, you are already balding... or hairline is already receding.... i hope this is not the case behind kokkugia, a studio of three young guys who obviously came from digital savvy schools such as Heyhey and Columbyah. The design (posted in Designboom) is their entry for the Taipei Performing Arts Center Competition which was won by OMA. Their scheme looks like meta scraps king kong crampled and made into a roof. WHICH by the way..takes forever to make in a modelling software! The program was influenced by the contour underneath so you have those boxes... on top of it...kingkong threw the scraps...
Kingkong has been scraping his mucous and booger on the scraps..sp underneath it created these interesting network of trusses....awesome..isn'tit?


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