Friday, February 26, 2010

"Lladro" Erotica

I tot'at'ferst, that this was a work of a jap. We all know that japs are stylish and fashionable... but because of their awesome 80s animation and manga... they can also be pretty much.... as-horny-as-everybody-in-the-world-can-get.. prolly hornier. This post is long overdue since the exhibitionists figurines were showed only until Feb 15 in Gallery Nine NY. weee NY! I first saw it in Dezeen but when I saw it again in Karmatrendz...there was a divine intervention that called me to repost it.... It is called Undressed by Jessica Lichtenstein. I cant help notice the use of past tense - undressed. The girls are still covered...I aint seein titties and pussies yet...just all provocation and eroticism (which I still love). that's my foyst comment. Also, I wonder if these were pure manga and anime merchandise...will it still qualify as art since it was made by japs themselves? Does it mean it has to be a work of a non-jap to be regarded as artistits?Other than that... all i can say that this is 21st century Lladro evolution..aint sure if these figurines are made of porcelain or some kind of stone material.... but if it is...yes...21st century lladros... that will never go along with your chinaware...bec these look like toys.... if you have a console for sextoys...these will def look geeeewd. they look like plastic or some kind of rubber...soft and dildos.... toys you never had when you were a kid.


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