Monday, February 22, 2010

Swollen series

It's a day of swollen designs. First is Welding wood by CuldeSac posted at Contemporist blog. Which is in my onion is just ordinary but def not ugly. A reader even commented that it is really nice except for the self aggrandizing B.S. . The designers stated that they brought back the antiquated techniques of lathe turning and steam bending.oooooohh Whatever it is, the furneechur just looks like they have adam's apple.

Second is Swollen Wall by Paul Coudamy by the same design blog. Not the first time I see a shelve design like this. What makes this terrible are the insertions of those white boxes, it looks disorienting. So messy, it makes you want to make more mess. Maybe i am just a fan of clean designs because I am clean and sober now. hik!


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