Sunday, October 25, 2009

B/Pitch Stool

Nicolai Czumaj-Bront designed this b/pitch stool. (No offense to the lady seated)

From the designer:
A stool exploring a balance and celebration of precision and imperfection. Combining a machining process with reclaimed wood. As the weathered and worn wood is shaped, the beauty and character from the variation in color, material arrangement, and signs of wear are exposed to produce a highly precise yet imperfect design.
While the overall form is consistent each piece is individual.

Being made of worn wood (which would mean, recycling?) makes it the total bitch! It takes further the beauty of using wood, which is uniqueness through the wood grains. For this stool, it is not just the wood grains, now you have different orientation of the material shaping a single form.

....I know of a stool that doesn't have any orientation but takes many forms.... eniwei

They look like beautiful trash cans from this angle.

To prove that it's sturdy.
How dramatic. poreground and background.

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