Monday, October 26, 2009

Caltrans...Is dat chu?

Ok. It is nothing like Morphosis' Caltrans Building in L.A. But it has its aura...for some reason. It is like the Caltrans, only straight (more rigid and boxy).

It is called Manchester Civil Justice Centre,designed by Denton Corker Marshall

"From the exterior, it signals and literally displays the accessibility of the courts. This building is part of the city, and the city part of the building." (excerpts from ArchDaily)

In the 90's this "part of the city and vice versa" statement was deep. It needs a nursing home already

The working courts and offices are expressed as long rectilinear forms, articulated at each floor level, and projecting at each end of the building as a varied composition of solid and void. In side elevation, these elements collectively establish a dynamic and distinctive building profile; in end elevation, they form a powerful sculptural interplay of light and shade, depth and complexity. The architectural implication is that the courts are not forbidding or concealed, but open and accessible. The judicial interface is seen as the principal city scale signal of the Civil Justice Centre. The eastern facade will become the memorable ‘sign’ that clearly establishes this as the courts building and unlike any other building in the city. (excerpts from ArchDaily)

Yes it is memorable because of its monstrosity, but it does not in any way says that it is a courts building. It is just a modern building with a cool Angelina Jolie. Try adding on top of the building, a giant figure of blindfolded chick with a weighing scale. If it is too literal we can use lifesize statue of superman, wonderwoman and green lantern of the Justice League.

Other than that, I love the clarity of this building. Further down below, is the diagram of Dental Dorker Martian's design. The actual building shows the program through form and vertical layering.

No railings!? Does this mean the roof of pods are not usable? boooo....bVery nice thin profile of sliding boxes. It is like a drawer left open after a rigorous search for an important panty.

The diagram. It would have been nice if we can see shots of the pods' interiors.

A reaction to a post in ArchDaily


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