Friday, October 30, 2009

Giant Horses attend YMCA

I won't say much because this is pretty obvious. I know that the Trojan horse appear mighty and masculine... These stallions are def not from Troy, but they totally turned into horsie fairies.

Presenting Polish Design Season: Beata Konarska and Pawel Konarski of Warsaw design studio Konarska-Konarski have created a group of winged horses with screens in their flanks. (excerpts from Dezeen)
They were used as medium for video installation in the Polish National Library. After which, they were modified to be installable anywhere. Right now they are an installation in a park at Warsaw.
It's like... The Horsie fairies inside the YMCA

Now they go gallop outside, spreading wing to fly... butterfly?
It is not a unicorn either because there is no horn....but the tail is hard
... Anyone know the significance of a winged horse?... They should put a tiara to complete the look.

A reaction to a post in Dezeen


  1. ha, love them - certainly adds colour to that area.

  2. that's a pegasus, the mythological creature that appear after perseus kills medusa. it was considered one of the symbols of creativity and imagination and in several art representation appears with a written legend in latin: Sic Itur ad Astra (thus you shall go to the stars)