Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trahan's Accordion Building

This is a building that compresses downwards and decompresses upwards. When it does that, the people inside get squished....

That is so morbid. But the design suggests where imaginations run wild. However, this is still in its conceptual stage but without loony tendencies, it looks stunning. This is Baton Rouge Library proposal by Trahan Architects, located in Louisiana, Missouri.
Evening look
The floor splits.

The diagram clearly shows the program of the building. It indicates that the circulation surrounds the book storage. The book storage is then buffered by reading areas. Then that would mean the reading areas are exposed to circulation. Circulation is a busy area, so how can one read when you hear people chatting in the hallways? Plus the movement in your peripheral vision can be totally distracting. As in super. That is totally anti-concentration to my reading moments which can raise the level of my stress hormones. uuggh..I need a massage.

Trahan Architects recently launched a conceptual design for the renovation and expansion of the River Center Branch Library. The project stands at the intersection between civic buildings and the city’s arts and entertainment district, overlooking a new town square.... (excerpts from Fopple)

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