Friday, October 23, 2009

Maeda'sTartar free house

The layering and wrapping of this house and clinic in Tokyo is clear and honest. Too honest, that it has to be clean all the time, you are not allowed to touch the walls.

Plastic Moon by Norisada Maeda

Here metal molding forms have been translated into architecture shaping a smooth outside shell while forming gardens, rooms and furniture on the inside. To highlight this layering structure also from the outside view, glass and “mold” take turns providing space and two entrances for private and public areas, such as the owners dentist office.... (excerpts from Dezeen)

A comment in dezeen says that it was too curvy. " I wouldn't do too much round corner inside if i already use it outside." Then, would you rather use pointy edges?
This space is a bit discomforting. I am not sure what this is. It looks like a maze. Now it doesn't feel like it's a home. Geezz...where are the furniture!?
I like this one. The table and bench combo looks like a molar tooth that needs filling.

I have seen a lot of hospital interiors with clinics having clear story like this. The house is very clinical.Holocaust memorial. Is dat chooo?
Won't these steps be slippery when wet? Anyone know what those open pipes are for?
I like the pool is above the floor. Same level as table or kitchen it's like giant kitchen sink.
That's a lot of mouthwash.... dark corners for dark deeds - From the movie Love Actually.

So that's what the holes are for! They're not just decorative light holes but a headroom space. So when you are viewing the parapet wall.
I so wanna live in this house because I like being naked in my abode. And if you have an all glass house, it's kind of a give away and obvious that you want to show off your body right? At least in this house.. you make yourself look naive and innocent...and make it a lil' harder for peeping toms to see your full glory.
Photographs are by T. Sobajima
Plastic Moon by Norisada Maeda Atelier
A reaction to the Post in Dezeen


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