Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Organic Shoo

Call them anything from potpourri-inspired shoe, stuffed footwear or crafted shoe crap, this concept was made with the best intention in mind. So before fashion expert wannabes and design frustrated critics (like myself, wink wink) bash this strange looking shoes....read first.

We let her explain it in her own words:I was inspired by the shapes of cliffs and terraced farming on mountains; by the rich world of textures in coral reefs; by the change of color within the decay and erosion of the earth.The basic concept of life, the cycle of a seed growing into a plant whose fibers can be used to make natural fabrics, which in turn can be used to make sustainable footwear is beautiful and idealistic. The final goal is the reduction of impact upon that which I find inspiration - nature. What is born from nature returns to it in the end”.

But she doesn’t stay there. In a world where 330 million pairs of shoes are thrown into land fills per year, she felt the need to make a product that would endure and to try to find a balance between fast and slow fashion. Having collaborated with a wood restorer, she made the heels first in plasticine and then she sought a solution to carve to them light and strong woods. Local organic farmers and leather and textile manufacturers in Tuscany provided an interesting range of fabrics which complemented her designs....
Carmel Walsh also says: “My shoes are made with vegetable tanned leather, walnut wood heels, fabrics including caucciu covered organic cotton, linen, raffia, hemp, bamboo and cork to support the forms. Fun ideas spring to mind with my collection, changing the seeds instead of shoes with the passing seasons. It is my hope that in their second life they will decay and grow as an art piece.”(excerpts from Yatzer)

Ok. It's hard to judge a book by it's weird cover. But the concept of this design was noble,that it almost made me cry. It makes you think of world peace and mary jane.
If one or two fall off from the shoe, you can never tell if something is missing..brilliant...I have always dreaded the thought of plants sprouting from my skin. So I'm not sure if that plant on the toe is cute. Try sushi or shrimp.
(Above Photo) Dead Foot Society..the shoe disappears
IT will be nice if those green things inside her hat have eyes...
Her: "Do you think I should make panty versions of these?" Him: "I am wearing one honey.."
The shoe without its feathers.
Images by Carmen Walsh
A reaction to the post in Yatzer

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  1. She should continue and make a vegetable garden shoe, that way you can eat your shoe once it's ripe enough. LOL