Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rich Gilbert's Egg Cake

I know. I love the process how it was made but of all colors, why green?

It could be just the lighting effect, but the video (below) shows that the foam color is clear. Using green backlighting for this chair makes them look like dinosaur eggs or eggs of Slimer (ghostbuster). Yellow is better, it will remind us of Spongebob.
I am personally disgusted by cellular like stuff because it feels like they are going to multiply anytime and eat me. But it is just me. To prove that this chair is not a living organism, Rich Gilbert demonstrates (video below) the making of this Superfoam chehr.

Making of SuperFoam Chair from Rich Gilbert on Vimeo.

What if we had the power to manipulate nature’s structures?
SuperFoam is a re-creation of naturally occurring reticulated foam structures through a casting process that facilitates designing the properties of the foam itself. By developing the casting process the properties of the foam could be controlled so the chair flexed and deformed to create a supportive structure. (excerpts from Rich Gilbert)


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