Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Comme des Garcons' Number 3

I am bringin' a friend (who gives me links to different design sources in the web) to help me discuss design through chat...our conversation went:

Boy Amoeba: Commes de Garcons, Number 3 in Athens.


DD: Booooooring...do you have other designs?

Boy Amoeba: Later... can you just take a look at it.

DD: Yaaaawwwwnnnn....excuse me. where am I? oh... is it a garage sale?

Boy Amoeba: It is just minimalist..

DD: ..Yatzer article sez that Guerilla spent minimal on interiors. Really?..it doesn't show

Boy Amoeba: Sarcastic much?

DD: Look at that..it is like my garage...only clean n white.

Boy Amoeba: It was designed by Dimitris Papadopoulos with Yiannis Kondilis...according to them..their concept is "white light and bright"..yeah it'skind of obvious. But I get this kind of aesthetic. There is something industrial with it...you're right..a bit like a garage ...in a beautiful way.

DD: It feelslike a chic version of a slaughter house. Remember the movie Get Smart? The room where Steve Carell humped the fat villain.... it is like that room...

Boy Amoeba: Huh?

DD: Like a morgue.

Boy Amoeba: ..I can see that.

DD: Now you agree with me?

Boy Amoeba: No

DD: f.you. just admit it.

Boy Amoeba: anyways, I still like it

DD: It is just so....clean..and the lighting is terrible... I can imagine blood splattered all over the wall.

Boy Amoeba: Huh I dont get it.

DD: those are 3 different statements..

Boy Amoeba: I gotta go. later

DD: I am not done yet.



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