Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fault Line...Really?

From what I know, Design Blogs usually get their contents from the designers themselves. It is a marketing tool for their product or services. Usually!..I am not saying all. I am not sure if this latest product at Contemporist was a submission or Contemporist's original feature. I can't help be bothered.... Haiti's earthquake is still fresh in our minds and recently, a disturbing 8.8 magnitude earthquake shook Chile that created some tsunami frenzy. This design called Fault Line Bench by Cameron Van Dyke surely has it goin for itself for bad publicity. may not do harm...but wow..this timing is unbelievably dicky.


  1. well, that depends...if he is only selling one, then just like many artists of the years it is his expression of whats happening in the world around him, it is art and it is what creative people do and how thw they make a living. however, if he is selling multipules, than it goes beyond pure art and becomes a product at which time the only way to make it o.k. with a design as hard core as this is if not 30%, not 40% but if like 85%-100% of the profits went to charities to help those countries in thier time of need.

  2. I didn't really see it that way... thanks for your made me reconsider.