Sunday, March 7, 2010

OFIS' Stockings

Skin skin skins! They are only ok if it is really sexy.....This case i am not so sure. It is sort of tacky...for me...but definitely has its merits.... Designboom had a recent post on the Mercedez Benz Tower competition proposal by Slovenian practice OFIS Architecture. The tower looks ordinary and the skin....i can only interpret it in two ways:

I have a feeling OFIS got their inspirayshun from this:
or this?
The design according to OFIS, represents elements of the landscape....why not just say they were inspired by military camouflage net.The only thing that makes the outer layer special is that ...according to changes as a reaction to weather or season. The building looks like it's covering itself with a blanket...Let's hope it materializes...but right feels like an after thought....


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