Friday, March 5, 2010

Karim's Cute Bottle

I always love Karim Rashid's design. Most, if not all have an element of fun in it. This post in Dezeen called Bobble is a water bottle with built-in filter for tap H2O. The top part of the bottle comes in different colors. And no designer that i know of, at this moment, use color as a signature as Rashid does. Many of Rashid's designs are toy-like. Sometimes...if you are a real man-man's man-everybody's man-ladies'man..and all are not sure if you will be comfy carrying rashid's fruity and jolly creations in public. But it is fun as a collection...especially, if you are design savvy. But still aint sure if i can carry this around the gym. This comes handy when you are stranded in the desert and your only option is your perspiration and urine. Ok that's gross...


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