Thursday, March 11, 2010

Zaha Hadid's New Curves in Italy

I miss Haha Zadid. We once had a "look a like" post of architecture's only Diva recently...and now....she's on the architecture headlines again! Posted in Dezeen is Jesolo Magica in Italy. It is going to be a retail center with some business center stuff in it. I dunnnnooo, I know retail planning has some kind of dumbell effect and shit to make business and ROI really pissssible. I guess, since it is a designer mall, people will still flock to it..age old Guggie effect they cal tit. But can you imagine putting advertisements on those pristine curvy walls? Can retail business do without it? It will be like vandalizing a piece of art (to some people)... sacrilege (is this the right sacrament) to the holier than me architecture wisdomden. Anyways....while it looks like a kewwl form... they also look like two whales fuckin. But the image really yucky... it's like a skinned monster.
Actually, overall..they really like monsters...nice and kind monsters because it's white. except the second image is a fugly monster.... still cool.....

Since Zaha always gives us her cool curves ( those kind of curves....grrrh)... we are always curious to see and look at it... and if opportunity arises.... some like bashing it!.... either they are so freakin' jelly beans or they just hate design formalism. Me... I am goin to admit, I always look forward to seein...her work...and makin fun of it....... and her. It will be a sad architecture world if no swift curves are coming into the architecture world... Because right now, couldn't think of any architect that gives us..this kind of kikpuss work.

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  1. how come you're not posting anymore? we want more crits!