Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Star Designers Look Alike - Zaha Hadid

Let's pretend Design is Hollywood. We have star designers right? It is really unfair that designers make beautiful buildings and they are not treated with the right admiration. I think it is time to really elevate star designers to celebrity status. Let's start with Zaha Hadid. Who do you think she resembles the best?

The photo of Zaha Hadid above is smokin hot with her trademark Issey Miyake clothing (not sure) who ... I say the last one (before Bette D.)

OOOoooooma Therman?
Mrs. Smith?
Hot Diana Ross?
Angela Lansbury (I dont know who she is)

Mort of Madagascar?
Bette Davis?
Enrique Iglesias? (the mole)
or Ursula of Little Mermaid? (thanks to .._. .._ _._. _._ of Archinect)

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