Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zaha's O Oh Aquatics Centre

oooohhkay..another London Olympic vuilding. This one by my favorite gahl...Zaha Hadeed. Well..everybody knows that it's actually her minions who are now doin the designs....while she poses with her fav miyake ensemble like a supermogul ..and prolly Ms.Z just checks if the design really appears something that was inseminated in her....this aquatics center however, looks like a mongoloid amongst Zaha's creations. It misses a chromosome of the xx or xy suddenly became xyz? My Q is ..Y the hell Z? Y did you allow this is so not you. How can a fat but yes, somehow curvey form suddenly have a cardboard looking flaps. It looks like a leech just crushed a is a big Q. M sure therell be more from U...U R still my Z. just dont make us say O again.


  1. If you had spent another 30 seconds on google you would have found that the side stands are temporary. And please, next time you post, try to make an effort at being coherent.

  2. Actually i spent more than 30 31? .... i knew about the temporary stand...which makes it sad..cus it means..they had to resort to that....but looks like.....uuughhh that? the way, the extra 1 sec in the 30, I spent it in your blog...whew! so much efft.... but don't mention it...

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