Thursday, April 8, 2010

Warts on Daniel Libeskind

If architecture has Zaha Hadid as its superstar, landscape architecture has Martha Schwartz. Like I always say to the authors of the designs I make fun of, I am a fan of that designer (really!). I have known Warts since I was in college, which was...omg... two years ago? (haha)... When you say landscape architecture, you expect plants in their "cosmeticated" bests.. So Martha Steward said...if you are going to alter nature's natural form..why limit yourself? she's gone more than horticulture (no idea what my basis is for this statement).... I particulary love the donuts and the circular holes once Marthy designed...but it's been a long time ago since I saw it....and to my surprise...she is still kickin and alive....take this Dublin's Grand Canal Square posted in Contemporists. One comment said that they look like Starwars' light sabers sticking out from the ground. I say, Marthwarts was designing this while she was having an accupuncture. it is abstract, so it can be anything honessslee. Apparently, the square is beside Daniel Libeskind's it makes sense...accupuncture helps in eliminating all the toxins from Danny's shards.


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