Thursday, October 1, 2009

The comeback of Marc Newson's FORD 021C

Vintage is so hot. Although it was only ten years ago when Marc Newson was the object of scrutiny over this Ford 021C...
...candy colored car that is getting some looooove from design junkies all over the world, including yours truly. In 1999, this car was scorned by car geeks who said "it looks like a toy, it's too boxy and so anti-design."

Anti-design your hybrid faces! because after Ford 021c went to oblivion, it is making a sweet comeback and Austin Powers will surely love to shag in it.

Designed with spacious interiors, seats from B&B Italia, drawer like compartment, movable dashboard, and so many "Newsonized" elements, what else can you ask for a well-pimped car?

Powered by 6 litre Ford Zetec-SE engine. It also comes in apple green. From


This is the car of design geekish awesomeness that I hope comes out in baby blue!

via Yatzer


  1. Wow. Must have. Repeat. Must have.

  2. I love this designer art pieces.

    He has such a great work.

    Talking about design I want to show you my new loved brand.

  3. Sebastian MackedenskiMay 22, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    Excellent design! Simple with not too much flair drawing from that immortalized car profile we all drew as kids. I can see this concept coming to fruition in Europe and perhaps east asia in the near future but sadly here in Canada and indeed all of North America, small cars are still a massive gamble. Everyone here is utterly convinced of their swollen SUV/big truck needs and lack either the insight, or imagination to fit their various items into anything less than a pseudo-industrial automobile. I'de drop my ride for that in a heart beat. Oh and contrary to the article's attempt to sway our minds into believing a 6L motor is being dropped into this...yeah... maybe if he means total occupied volume of the engine itself, block,manifolds, and exhaust included haha.

  4. Isn't she lovelly ? :)