Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tallest Building in Europe

If London has a Gurkin with its Swiss-Re Building, St.Petersburg will have a deformed Starfruit ... Construction will finally begin for the 77 storey tower, expected to be the highest skyscraper in Europe. Called the Gasprom Tower, it will house the headquarters of Gasprom Oil Company with the usual extra amenities (ie. hotel, theatre etc.) to fill up a humongous development.

The design was won by RMJM ocompeting against kick-ass architectural stars such as HDM, OMA, and Fuksas.

The tower will be eco-conscious (it's about time!) with natural ventilation permeating through the atriums positioned between inner and outer walls. The building will also utilize double glass walls and specialized water heating and ventilation systems -- feature technical terms meant to impress you...

The building will pierce through the sprawling grandeur of St.Petersburg. Many have reacted over the erection of this huge and long building in the historic city. Gasprom will definitely reach its climax...

via Inhabitat


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