Thursday, October 1, 2009

RMJM adopts Will Alsop

‘If you are not in the little black book, you don’t get anything. It has led to using dull architects and dull architecture’ - Will Alsop

During summer, news on Alsop quitting his architecture office surfaced. The alibi was for him to paint 24/7, no sleep (in short, to concentrate) without being bothered about specs, cost estimates and donut breaks. But rumors spread that Will can no longer afford his bills. This financial difficulty led to the selling of his firm to Archial. In a recent story of AJ (Architect's Journal), he mentioned that scarcity of public projects also contributed to his decision to quit his firm. He does not get listed in the invited architects' list to compete for a commission anymore. This led to his disillusionment. With the exit from Archial, RMJM comes to the rescue where he hopes his color splats will mask the glossy and cold grey palette of architecture. His involvement with RMJM will be entitled, "Will Alsop at RMJM." Can't wait for the drama and events that will unfold in the fusion of artistry and well, RMJM.

Poor Will... no longer in the "In" crowd. Wonder if Zaha, Remie, HDM still invite him to their parties. London Olympics did not even ask him to at least doodle on something.
Shame on them!

Sharp Centre for Design in Toronto, Canada, designed by Willie.

image by Alsop Architects

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