Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Giant Ticks in your living room

Would you like that your living room has a funny looking idiot standing behind your sofa? I do... because he is family....wink wink..... Milan 2010/ Dezeen featured these furniture or farm crap by Campana Brothers as collection for Edra. Aptly called Barbarians, the materials used were very primeval. It is like 21st century meets Flintstones. I like the juxtaposition. Well, the Campana Brothers...are Brazilians. they live in Brazil...so they are Latinos. well.. Brazilian women are hot. so going back to Campana...well..these pieces..are really confusing me..there are some things in it that i hate and something in it that I love.. I think it is their Brazilian sensibilities...although you may not get it, because hotties can only get fellow Brazilian hotties...Just check out the brothers' websites and you will see how good they are..and probably understand why these..appear like these...

I've seen a lot of sofa in cheap furnee shops that look like this (above pichur).... Like they clamped all those softee pillows together. I am not shallow...promise....but since I base my judgement on first impressions...I really don't get why there are airbags mixed in the sofa. What if someone deflates it? And I am sure, you also see the giant ticks...it is either the designers were inspired by their dogs and their suckers, or they simply love the idea of sucking.
goin back to the idiots...they come in pairs. I wonder if these two are a couple. If they are..then who is the boy and who is the girl? I can imagine a girl with bushy pussies, but the guy version...wow.. talking about finding weeble in the haystack...


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