Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shrek Residences

This building Drooles!
For a while, I thought that Future Systems are gone...until I saw another green monster... I thought it was a development of the library, Future System's designed (second image). I was wrong. Apparently, it's the better half..located at Yerevan, Armenia... this artificial hill was designed by Forrest Fulton Architecture/Lace Hill in ArchDaily... At first look, they look like they are brothus from the same father, John KaLicky.... While the other one looks like Slimer or pacman's ghost with measles, the other one is Flubber who didn't use Acne Gel, hence the scars.

These scars are actually functional and more appealing up close. If you are a moron and didn't know that this is a fake hill, you will call Greenpeace and clamor for justice because your hill was poked all over. In ArchDaily, since there were reactions that this building resembles Future Sheestems library, there was a comment applauding its concept. I agree with tITs...medium not big tits...but again..face value wise...I don't like open pores. they are so they are kind yuhckeeh and disguhsthhing?..this building seriously needs a good facial...anyways...
Look at it, it looks like the nose of Shrek. (image above) The cartoon shows the smooth version, in reality, a dirty ogre secretes plenty of sebum. It is disgusting if you think of pores, especially when there are people in it already.. what are we like? blackheads?.... those bumps on top are also disturbing..reminds me of my crack. pore less crack..uh huh...pore less


  1. architecturally very poor, in my opinion...

  2. How very cool!! If more cities had architecture like this I think it would make more people happy and walk around with more laughter.